5 Ways to REALLY Experience the Redwoods in Northern California’s Del Norte County

Anyone can experience the Redwood National Park on their own by simply following a hiking trail, so we’re sharing 5 unique ways to elevate your Redwood National Park visit in Del Norte County, California with our “Top 5 Ways to REALLY Experience the Redwoods” list.

Photo by Nate Berg /  @Nate_Wolverine

1. Namaste in a Redwood Grove: Experience a Yoga Class Outdoors in the Redwood National Park

Lauren of Flowga poses on a rock at Smith River, California

The Smith River ripples through Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park – one of the three Redwood National Parks in Del Norte County – and sets a stunning stage for an outdoor yoga experience like no other.

Flowga is the cute name for Lauren Godla’s yoga classes that take place overlooking the Smith River. Yoga newbies will easily get into a “flow state” with her artfully taught classes, while devoted yogis will be gobsmacked by the river views.

Natalie of Natalie Jane Yoga takes individuals and small groups into the redwood forest for a two-hour tranquil hike paired with a serene yoga session. You’ll come away feeling refreshed and stretched in more ways than you think. And rumor has it that if you remove your shoes and walk barefooted at the base of a redwood tree, you can feel the tree’s vibration. We urge you to try it and tell us all about it in the comments!

2. Find Your “Awe” Again with a Forest Bathing Hike Through the Redwoods

A person with only their feet showing forest bathes in the Redwood National Park

Get in touch with your sense of awe and ahhh with a forest bathing experience under ancient redwood groves. It’s not as strange (or woo-woo) as it sounds and is quite simple: the art of forest bathing is easy to do, really restorative, and has been rooted in Japanese culture as “ecotherapy” since the 1980s.

Forest bathers might be way more relaxed (and stay better focused) by trying an outing into Del Norte County’s Redwood National Park with a certified Shinrin-Yoku trained professional like Erica of The Redwood Path. She’ll take you — or your entire group — into a quiet redwood grove where you’ll be guided by her soothing voice through a number of feel good mood-lifting and self-reflective exercises proven to deepen your connection to nature and improve your overall wellness. Her tours also include a special surprise.

3. Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking on the Smith River at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State & National Park 

People whitewater kayak down the Smith River in California

There’s only one place where you can whitewater raft and kayak through the Redwood National Park and that’s right here in Del Norte County on the alluring aquamarine Smith River. For those who are craving more action – and adrenaline – from an outdoor experience, Redwood Rides offers (almost) year-round whitewater rafting on the south, middle and north fork of the Smith River. Not many people know that the Smith River’s superb rafting conditions make for the best spring whitewater rafting in California.

4. Only the Sound of Hoofbeats: Horseback Riding Through Redwood National Park 

Horseback Riding in the RedwoodsNational Park

Four hooves are better than two feet when it comes to trekking through the Redwood National Park. Crescent Trail Rides takes horse-lovers of all riding levels on daily horseback riding tours through lush old-growth redwood forests along trails and dirt roads skirting the edge of the Redwood National Park. Let the sound of  hoofbeats lull you into “a world where time stands still”.

5. Pedal Along the Most Scenic Biking Trails in the California Redwoods

One adult and three kids mountain bike on the Old Redwood Highway in Del Norte County, California

Cover more ground by pedaling through the Redwood National Park. Breathe in the redwood forest and Pacific Ocean sights with a mountain bike ride along the old Redwood Highway, which was closed to vehicles in the 1930s. Don’t miss rolling along Howland Hill Road – one of the most scenic roads in the park fringed by towering redwood trees with access to some of the top redwood hikes in California. Redwood Rides offers both of these bike tours for all-levels and they include transportation, bikes, gear, and plenty of local insider knowledge. Mark your calendar for the first Saturday of the month between October and May. Head south of Klamath, California to Newton B Drury Parkway for “Hike and Bike Day” where the scenic redwood parkway is closed to cars and open to biking enthusiasts.


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