Go Ghost Hunting at Smith River’s Bank Tavern in Del Norte County, California

Visit the Bank Tavern in Smith River, California for Spine Tingling Thrills, Chills and Stiff Drinks

The spirits that you enjoy after a long day at the Bank Tavern are apparently not the only type of spirits within this old bank.

The Bank Tavern is a historic building that sits in what is known as “the corners” in Smith River California, only a few miles from Crescent City. The building is rich with history. The building was once a cafĂ©, laundromat, and ice cream shop before becoming a tavern. The land the tavern sits on was once the town’s black smith shop, owned by Trimble and Hanes.

There are reports of bottles moving and hearing the clanking of glasses after the the tavern has closed for the night. Patrons see apparitions through the corner of their eyes and in the upstairs window. Sometimes the ghost’s footfalls can be heard roaming about.

If you play a game of pool at this cozy bar and you might be in for a ghostly surprise. Witnesses have seen the pool sticks move about on their own.

Exterior of the historical architecture of the Old Bank Tavern building in Smith River, California

One of Del Norte County’s California’s Haunted Places. The Old Bank Tavern in Smith River, California has a Long History and a Storied Past.

All ghostly business aside, the Bank Tavern was a divey hole-in-the-wall bar still adorned with odd and historic antiques and known for live music. Sadly, the bar has been closed for years and will hopefully re-open again one day.

If you’re near Smith River “Corners” you might just see a ghostly figure or two. The town of Smith River has a varied history and perhaps many of its previous residents still live on and carry on.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve had any ghost experiences in Smith River or at the Bank Tavern itself when it was open.

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